I’m getting to the home stretch of my current project and it makes me a little sad. I know I’m going to have to say goodbye to my characters for at least a while. We have been through so much together. I know I will be working with them again when I get to the editing process. This particular project will be hitting the chopping block in the middle of May. It will really need some work too. It started out going one direction and ended up in a completely different series. I will have some tough decisions ahead for this story. So back to the grind with me.


Life gets in the way


That seems to be the name of the game right now. If it’s not one thing it’s another. My car, my family, friends or other random things have gotten in the way of me working on my projects. It’s frustrating and nerve racking. The only things working well right now are my computer, me and my dog. Well that’s a good thing.

So what did I do I called a friend and we escaped together to go to Starbuck’s and write. So that is what I’m doing. Now I have to put it all out of my mind and get down to business. That got me thinking…

What do other people do to get down to business. To focus. To…

Here are a list of things that I must have in order to work on my writing.

  • Coffee or Tea
  • My laptop
  • Music
  • notebook and pen for notes
  • my phone (which is currently fired my new one will be here tomorrow)
  • someone to help me keep me on track

Well I’m off to writing some more

Still working…

I have been working so hard on my projects I have forgotten to blog. Sigh. I promise that will not happen anymore.
Anyway here’s the deal.
Currently I am working through a series of Novella’s that I will be publishing through Amazon.com. They will be published as ebooks. It’s exciting and hard work. I’m taking a little time out from putting my nose to the grind to update all you lovely people.

As for the sequel to Moonless Night. Well the character’s got a little out of hand and are having a time out. I should be finishing that up soon.
I would love to hear from you all. Once i’m done with the book I’m currently typing away on I will introduce you to my new characters. They are interesting and funny.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings Hope you have a lovely day

~Ang and Tony

The start of a new week. So far I’ve finished chapter 2 and am well into chapter 3. Most of that was done yesterday. The story is starting to get going now.

Fallyn has met up with her old commander and he has informed her that one of her old team has gone AWOL. He is wanted for questioning in a murder/child abduction case. She knows that there is no way Sean Dirks killed someone. Now it’s up to her and Logan to find him. Then figure out who really killed the woman and took the little girl. Fallyn has an idea of where Sean would go but she wants more information before grabbing him. She enlists the help of Lennox Securities’ resident genius Dexter Bailey, better known as Dex. He manages to get the FBI’s files on the case. Logan and Fallyn go to the hotel and start going through the files.

That’s all for now. This is turning into an interesting story so far. I have no idea where it’s going.One of the joys of writing is finding the story as I go along. The anticipation of wondering what is going to happen next and no that you can’t cheat and skip to the end.

Well I’m off to get some more pages done.Until next time.

Kicking it in gear…

So even though I’ve written two articles and submitted them and finished the first chapter fo Fallyn’s story I’m still running behind. I really need to kick this in gear if I plan on finishing the first draft by the end of next month.

So far I have not gotten very far into her story but here is one of my favorite characters so far…

Georgie Pierce is Lennox securities lead mechanic and Fallyn’s best friend. She grew up as a child beauty queen and once she hit eighteen ran off and joined the army. That is where Fallyn and Georgie met. Georgie is a 5’8″ bombshell with sparkling green eyes and strawberry blond hair. Her knack for being able to fix any car or vehicle is astonishing to those that don’t know her. Somehow she always manages to stay clean. Born and raised in Texas she has a nice southern drawl. Her out going and fun-loving manner is perfect to bring Fallyn out of her workaholic attitude. Fallyn would have no dresses if it wasn’t for Georgie forcing her to go shopping with her.

First Chapter Done!!!!

So the first chapter is done. at least the first chapter of the first draft. It has been a long week. Lots of distractions and I’m not writing at my usual pace. I plan on doing a little catch up today. On to the story…

So far Fallyn just arrived home from an assignment and just gets to sleep when her ex commander calls and cryptically asks her to fly across the country to meet with him. He has asked for her help but will not reveal what he wants yet. When she calls her brother to arrange for transportation he sends his second in command the very handsome ex ranger Logan (last name to be added when I figure it out). He is going to fly her out there and stick around just in case she needs help.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far. We shall see what happens and what her commander wants. I suspect it will be dangerous and explosive.

Until next time happy writing and reading my friends….

A new Year a New blog…

As this new year starts I’m starting a new endeavor. I will hopefully be working on Crimson Night the continuation of Natalya Ignativ’s story but right now I plan on working on a different project.

Twice a week i will be blogging my way though my new project. I will be blogging from conception to publishing…

Here goes nothing let’s have some fun.

Meet my new character Fallyn Lennox. She is ex CIA and Army intelligence. At five foot three inches tall she isn’t always taken seriously. She now works for her brother Cole Lennox. He runs an international Security firm. She has dark brown hair that is sometimes just annoying and dark brown eyes.

So far all I know is that one of her friends from when she was in the army is now missing. I will update you later this week. Then I can introduce you all to my other characters for this action adventure maybe mystery type story.